Why I’m adding One More Thing

I don’t need to start a blog. My husband would probably ask me not to start a blog. But I’m the type of woman who gets an idea and can’t kick it until I at least try to put it together.

I used to have blogs. Of Pots and Pens still attracts about three people a day – mostly those who find my old food blog musings through Pinterest. And then when I was a freelance writer I kept a blog with story clips and photos and links and it was essentially just an online resume.


Joey hasn’t quite mastered pedals. Thankfully, his Daddy doesn’t mind pushing him on a pretty heavy tractor made for kids.

I don’t need One More Thing on my plate. We have a toddler. Joey is 2 1/2 and this crazy ball of energy that loves us so much and sometimes in a way that I just can’t understand how even when we make him eat foods he doesn’t like or we boss him around as parents do that he. just. can’t. get. enough. Of me especially. Let’s be honest, he loves his mama and usually demands me most of all.


Tito loves when I squeeze him just like this.

We have a dog. Tito is usually self-sufficient but, like his human brother, loves his mama and demands my attention above all others.

We own a business. Our York Media is a year and a half old. It’s growing like crazy and I’m in this weird space of trying to figure out where it’s going to be in 2019 – something I should probably be working on instead – but the house is quiet and I thought, now is a good time to add One More Thing.


That’s me and my friend Kate Harmon at an event called Give Local York, which raised more than $1 million in 24 hours for nonprofits in our community.

I love to volunteer and be involved in the community. Starting our own business actually spurred me to finally sign up to be on boards or serve on committees and be like, screw watching Netflix, I’m going to organize and execute fundraising events!

And I really, really love that.

But I didn’t really need One More Thing.

In some ways, I think I need my own creative outlet. (Um, hello, silly, what was Our York Media?).

Or a place to talk about me. Because who doesn’t want to hear about my thoughts? Not just worries or blissful moments but just my thoughts? The random things that pop into my head? That’s what I thought.

Or – dream with me – what if this thing took off because you all love hearing my thoughts and I could sell ads or product placement or brands would send me free things like granola bars and coupons! (I can’t let go of that one time Kashi sent Of Pots and Pens a BOX of new-to-the-market granola bars. It was like I won the lottery.)

Regardless, I don’t Need One More Thing.

But I really think I want it.




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